Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pissed Off Angel

Dear Advice Angel,

I have given up on trying to be followed by Trey on twitter. With the exception of just a few days ago, Trey seemed to only follow strippers or exotic looking chicks and I am neither of those. I am an average looking girl with a flat chest and no ass. I'm dark skinned and I don't have long hair. I know that Trey would never look twice at me, but that doesn't stop me from spending my money on M & G tickets for every show...like an idiot. I have asked trey on NUMEROUS occasions to follow me, but he never does. He always says he will, but he doesn't and I'm sick of it. I know he doesn't follow because he doesn't find me attractive and thats what hurts the most. I may not be model pretty, but my money spends the same as theirs. I'm dedicated to him and I deserve a follow. I think I may just forget trying for a follow and denounce my Angel ship. Any advice?

Pissed Off Angel
Dear Pissed Off Angel,
Im in the same boat as you. I always thought I would have been followed by trey by now too.
I would say be patient as you possibly can , i do think its not fair as angels we have to keep waiting for our follows from trey but he is a busy man and has 4 million people following him that he can't see each one. I would sugget writing him a letter thats what I did and asking him to follow me, although i'm still waiting. I do think its not right that he follows alot of strippers and models but he is human you have to remember that. He is not perfect and sometimes doesn't see what we angels want him to see. I do not think you should denounce your angel membership because you never know what Trey may do. He is very spontaneous in a way that will make you forget why you were mad at him. So just be patient your time is coming. Next time you see him juss tell him to have twitter open or write him alil note saying follow me on twitter please. I guarantee you will have a follow and a hug in no time. Baby Steps as I call it. He said my name march 8,2012 so Im determined to get my follow soon.:) I hope this advice helps you and im here if you need anything else ;)

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