Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Unhealthy Angel

Dear Advice Angel,

I have been married for one year and I am completely in love. I used to be a skinny young thang back in high school, but of course that was from an eating disorder. I know that my hubby loves me, but lately he has been making small remarks about my weight and it is starting to get to me. They arent rude remarks and they are all true but it still hurts. Its so hard for me to lose weight without purging and the stress of work, no money, and now his remarks arent helping. He is a big guy as well and its not like he tries to workout with me. We also eat cheap fast food a lot because thats what we can afford. Is there anything that i can do to calm my nerves or help me lose weight without reverting to my old ways?

Unhealthy Angel

Dear Unhealthy Angel,
WoW, your story is very real and alot of people go through it so I commend you for coming here with your question. Im sad to say your husband is verbally abusing you for talking about your weight which is not good. I bet you are beautuful. What you can do is start by making a excersize chart which includes the date, the exercise, and also the meals you eat on that day. I advise you cut out eating fast food all the time because its not good.it makes ur weight go up unless you watch what you eat. So follow these steps and You will be ok ;)...and Get your husband involved sounds like he needs this too. U can always come back here if you need too :)


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