Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dear Advice Angel,

I have been dating a really nice guy for about 6 months. He is amazing! He is smart, funny, my friends and family like him, and most importantly he loves God. He hasn't tried to be physical with me at all because he says he wants to wait until im sure i want to take our relationship there, but Angel I couldn't be surer. A few nights ago we tried some sexual stuff and it was really great. I'm not sure how to say this without being graphic so here goes, a gave him a hand job, but when he whipped it out I couldn't believe my eyes. He has the largest penis I have ever seen in my life. Now im no virgin by any means but it has been about a year since i have been fucked and my ex was an averaged sized dude and he was my first. Im afraid that it is going to hurt so badly but I dont want to seem like a baby or im inexperienced. What should I do Angel?

Stretched Out Angel

Dear Stretched Out Angel,

Dont take this the wrong way but you lucky wench! Lol most women would kill to have your problem let me tell you. The answer to your problem is very simple. You gotta tell him. If your guy is as great as you say he is then he will totally understand. Why dont you try to prepare for the big night by "helping" yourself along a week before your romp? Using a toy before hand would loosen you up. Now when the night is finally here then you have to make sure you are completely turned on (a little French Kissing on his behalf is in order if you catch my drift) and relaxed before he starts. Let him know to take it slow and only put in as much as you can take. If you cant take it all then speak up! It wont annoy him, in fact he will find it quite flattering that he is pleasing his boo. Im here for you Angel, whenever you need me. Happy humping!


Advice Angel

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