Saturday, April 14, 2012

To Frustrated Angel

Dear Advice Angel, 

I have been dealing with something for quite some time so I'm just gonna come out and say it...MY BOYFRIEND IS A LOUSY F**K! He doesn't do any of the stuff that my ex bf used to do...the stuff that I love by the way. Every time I suggest something new he goes off on me and accuses me of cheating because he didn't "teach me" that. The only way I can c*m is by listening to Trey's music, but now he accuses me of fantasizing about Trey (which I am). If we can't listen to music during sex then, I won't get any fulfillment and the relationship will die. He even gets mad if he catches me "helping" myself along. Lately my ex has been calling just to check up on me because we were best friends before we dated and I want him back so badly. Sad thing is he is a bad boyfriend but a great lay. My current boyfriend is a great guy, but I need to be pleased. I hope I haven't confused you, but what should I do?

Frustrated Angel

Dear Frustrated Angel,

Simply put, stick with the current boyfriend. I know, I know, the ex is very tempting. However, sex can only take a relationship so far. If you don't have the chemistry and a strong foundation for a relationship outside of the bedroom, then everything else will fall apart. There is a reason why your ex is YOUR EX. You don't want to create a relationship where you have nothing in common but sex. As far as your current boyfriend, what I would suggest is having a sit-down with him and let him know what you are feeling. There is nothing wrong with  letting your boyfriend know what you like and teaching him those things. In return, ask him what he likes in the bedroom and how you can help him get along. Try reading books or watching videos to help the two of you along. Basically, figure out how sex can enhance the great relationship you guys already have. As Trey said it best, sex ain't better than love. So don't pass up on a good thing just because he has intimacy issues. Work with him. 


Triumphant Angel

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