Sunday, April 15, 2012

tired angel

Dear Advice Angel,
I'm tired of being at home. My mom has a new boyfriend and I can't stand him! He is lazy, has no job, and drinks...a lot. He isn't abusive towards me or my sblings, but he is towards my mom. He beats her on a regular basis and if we try to stop him she gets mad and beats us. I came home from class the other day and found him sleeping with another woman in my mother's bed. I told her that night when she got home from work and she slapped me and told me to stop lying and trying to ruin her happiness. I feel like he is going to continue making a fool of my mom and hit her so hard one day that he may seriously injury her. I don't know what to do Angel. I'm scared for my mom and I don't want to see her continupsuly getting hurt, but I'm also tired of the tables being turned on me. Any advice?
Tired Angel

Dear Tired Angel,

I'm so sorry to hear that angel. No one should put up with that no matter what, and your mother should actually believe you over any man. If you saw it with your own two eyes why would you lie about something like that. First off all no man should be allow to put their hands on any female next time he does call the cops yeah your mother may be mad but you doing it cause you love her, and don't want her hurt. Things could get a lot worse then what it is now. Tell her you want to see her happy with someone who will treat her like the queen she is and that he deserves better. Angel don't be scared you doing what you believe is best and at the end of the day your mom will appreciate everything you have done for her.


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