Monday, April 9, 2012

Ticked Off Angel

Dear Advice Angel,
My boyfriend cannot stand how much I love Trey. Whenever I talk about him (even if all I'm saying is he has a new song) or sing Trey songs, my boyfriend goes crazy! I don't know what to do because I have been an Angel way before I started dating my boyfriend and I love Trey. Its not like I talk about Trey excessively to my dude the way I talk to my angel sisters. Do you have any advice for me because I'm not interested in giving up Trey's Angels for my guy, no matter how cute he may be.
Ticked Off Angel
Deat Ticked Off Angel,
FIRST OFF I SO AGREE WITH YOU ON NOT GIVING YOUR ANGEL MEMBERSHIP UP...BECAUSE I WOULDN'T EITHER. But you can try to see what's his big issue with Trey is first. Maybe he is just jealous. Maybe he thinks trey will scoop his girl away lol. You shouldn't have to give up your membership for anybody. He knew what he was getting into before you guys became an item so why would he want that to change. Keep your membership and if he don't like it he can kick rocks!
XOXO, Wise Angel

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  1. The problem is guys can't figure out how or why u can love someone so much that u don't know personally....And for some of us Trey doesn't even know we exist as individuals, do its mind boggling to them. I think they're more jealous of the fact that we're more enthusiastic and know more abt Trey than we do them. Ppl fear what they don't understand. So because no one else ( besides us angels) understands the connection we have with Trey, they despise it and they're quick to call us crazy and all other types of names. They simply don't understand