Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Confused Angel

Dear Advice Angel,
I've been dealing with a situation for quite some time now, in which I am stuck. I still have a crush on this boy who is my ex and I'm not sure how he feels. I've gone through periods in which I take 21 days to have no contact with him, thinking I needed to break a bad habit, but I always come out still thinking of him. I have no idea how he feels, but part of me thinks he just wants that "one thing" seeing that he tried to get it in a previous relationship. Once I refused to give it up, he acted like everything was okay for a week or two, and then broke up with me, saying he lost feelings. I don't see how this could be if every time we see each other he flirts with me or even says he has feelings still. Even then, he never makes the move to try it again. I'm so confused, and I think I've done all I can by expressing my feelings and suggesting ways we can figure out if this will work. Now I'm stuck and still crushing more and more each day. I don't understand why I still like him if I feel like it's all games. I need advice.

-Confused Angel
Dear Confused Angel,
You are right, it is all a game to him. I have been there and played this game too many times to sit and watch a fellow angel go through the same thing. First, I commend you for trying to rid yourself of him. When we have a crush, it can be very hard to leave the situation alone and let nature take its course, especially when it is an ex. My first bit of advice would be to get out there and date, date, date! I think you may have your ex bf on the brain because you are not leaving your options open. My mother always told me to get over one guy you have to date another. This guy is an ex for a reason so is getting back with him really worth it? Once you find someone else that you like you may realize that what you saw in your ex really wasn't that great after all. Also, it seems like you found out what kind of guy he really was once you told him the nookie wasn't happening. Now ask yourself, do you really want to have a bf who only has "that" on his mind? Another great way to forget about him is keep yourself busy. Start a new hobby, take up a sport, or make time for your friends. Once your ex sees that you aren't thinking about him he will get the picture and the games will cease. I hope this helped and if you need anything else I'm here for you.
Advice Angel

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