Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dear Advice Angel
My family is always so demanding of me. Im only 14 and right now I just want to be a normal teen. I don't want to think about college, my career, or the next 5 years. How can I tell my parents that I want to enjoy my youth without sounding like im ungrateful?
Confused Angel

Dear Confused Angel,

We are going through the same thing !! Hun and trust me it's not all glitter and gold. Don't let your parents nag you on and on about your choices in life, it IS YOUR LIFE and not theirs. College may not be for everyone and that's perfectly fine but don't just give up and say you done cause you never know you may chance your mind about it. Yeah we know parents can be a little be over doing it and that's just love, but if you wanna wait for college and have fun be a TEEN then do it yeah they may not be happy with your choice but they have to learn to let it go and love you no matter what. Maybe later on down the road you will eventually have the talk with your folks about your career and what you want to do about college. Remember to tell them how you feel you just want to be a normal kid the talk bout career choices will come up soon but just not now mama. 


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