Thursday, April 12, 2012

To Non Denominational Angel

Dear Advice Angel,

I don't like going to church. I was raised in church my entire life and I love God, but now that my 18th birthday is coming up I'm not sure if I want to continue going. I only go now to please my family and I don't really enjoy it. To be honest, I'm not sure if I want to have a denomination at all. My church is very old fashioned and not a lot of young people attend. I feel out of place at times, like no one can relate to me. Also, I don't believe that you have to attend church in order to show your love for God. I want to talk to my parents about this, but i'm afraid they won't approve. What should I do? Non Denominational Angel 

Dear Non Denominational Angel,

As a young, Christian woman, I understand your issue. However, before quitting the whole idea of church altogether, try visiting other churches of different denominations first. I've tried this, and it worked out well. I ended up joining a church that was exciting, insightful and comfortable for me. And if church still doesn't work out for you (which is okay), try going to non denominational bible studies around your college campus. And most importantly, talk to your parents about your situation. They have probably been through the same situation before, and I'm sure they will understand. Remember this, we all have our own personal relationship with God, and only you and Him can define it. We all worship Him in different ways. You just need to find yours. Hope this helps!


Triumphant Angel

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