Thursday, April 12, 2012

to anonymous angel

if i gone meet the right person someone someday cause its hard well its like i'm wasting time

Dear Anonymous Angel,
I dont know what you are asking but in a sense you came here for help and im goin to help you best i can. First off you are here for a reason so you arent wasting your time. The bible states in Romans chapter 8 verse 28 in that we are all called according to his purpose. So God has given you a purpose on this earth. I wish you would have asked a direct question but from what I read I would suggest counseling and sitting down with a professional and really discuss your feelings and problems with them. Call the Cousenling and Crisis Hotline at these two numbers 1800-448-3000 or 1800-448-1833 (TDD) and they will be gladly available to help. You can always come back here to ask questions as well and i will be glad to help you. please dont feel down or depressed because being in a relationship or having someone doesnt defne who you are as a person. So im here for ya..


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