Sunday, April 22, 2012

Obsessed Angel

Dear Advice Angel,

I think I'm obsessed with Trey Songz. I know what you may be thinking,you're an Angel so how can you be obsessed, but I honestly think that I am. I love everything about him and his singing drives me crazy! I've been dating a guy for about 3 months and we get along well, but lately he has been complaining that all I ever listen to is Trey. Whenever he is in my car I always blast Trey,but thats because I love him. Of course I deny it, but I think he may be right. I fantasize about Trey all day everyday. I cant help it, he is so fine. My bf said that if I dont stop checking for Trey so much that he is going to dump me. What should I do? I love Trey and I'm not interested in leaving him.

Obsessed Angel

Dear Obsessed Angel,

Well, I have the same problem, but I'm not obsessed with Trey. My bf knows I like Trey, but I don't talk to him about it. You have to ask yourself, do you want to be single all your life or do you want to be with your bf? If I were you, I would chose your bf because, Trey is just a person you fantasize about. It's not like any of us angels are gonna ever be with him. Plus guys don't like us liking a guy celebrity like that. I can tell you from experience. Do you love your bf? Do you want to stay with him? These are the questions you have to ask yourself. So if you can try and do fun stuff with your bf to get your mind off Trey. That's what me and my bf do. As far as you listening to Trey, your bf shouldn't have a problem with it. You can listen to whatever you want to listen too. He's gonna have to accept the fact that you are gonna listen to Trey's music whether he likes it or not. Even if(or when) yall get married you gonna still listen to him. So, just try and cut down on thinking about Trey so much. I know its gonna be hard, but I have confidence in you that you can. If you need any other advice, let me know and I will try and answer it the best way I can.


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