Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dear Advice Angel,

I love school! Im very smart, involved with school, and ahead of the game. i have a plan for my life and so far I am really sticking to it. Lately i have wanted to add some excitement to my life.Being smart and active in school has not made me very popular with the other kids so im kinda a loner. the school elections are coming up an i would love to run for an office but im afraid no one will vote for me. Any advice for me?

Unsure Angel

Dear Unsure Angel,

I do have some advice for you...YOU HAVE TO RUN!!! You have to try Angel because if you dont try you will never know if you could have won. We were alike in school. I was kinda a nerd, but I wanted to run for class office as a senior. I had some really mean b*tches run against me and they made the time that i ran a living hell...but I BEAT THEM! Turns out everyone was tired of their stuck up a$$es! This could be your moment Angel and you have to take it. Make sure that you have a list of things that you would like to see changed and stick with it! There could be more students who think exactly like you. Most importantly HAVE FUN! Im here for you Angel, anytime you need me. Now get to writing that campaign speech!

Advice Angel

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