Tuesday, April 17, 2012

To: Not Hair Ready Angel

Dear Advice Angel,
My mother has been a beautician for 20 something years and she is very good at what she does. She always talks about retiring and how she cant wait for me to take her place. Now that I graduate high school in May she wants me to go to beauty school but that isnt what I want to do. Matter of fact I dont even want to stay in town. Im ready to move and i no longer want to attend school until im ready. Is there a nice way I can tell her that hair is not my thing?

Not Hair Ready Angel

Dear Angel, well i mean just be real with your mom that you don't wanna hurt her feelings but being a beautician just isn't something you have your career set on.. And that school will be set on hold you just want to live your life with a little fun but tell her that will go to school eventually just not right away, and away from home suggest that maybe you will help her out from time to time when it comes to doing people hair so she won't feel alone. I hope this works out for you angel and remember if you ever need more advice don't be afraid to ask that question..


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