Thursday, April 12, 2012

To Scared Angel

Dear Advice Angel,

I have a terrible secret that I am tired of keeping. My step dad comes into my room some nights and makes me do things to him. He has penetrated me, but he makes me do other stuff and I'm afraid sex will be next. My mother hasn't had much luck with finding a nice man so what my step dad says is gold in this house. I know that if I tell her she won't believe me or nothing will happen. I'm almost 18 and I am going to live with my real dad for the summer so I'm thinking of telling him, but I'm afraid what he might do. I'm scared Angel and I don't know what my next step should be. Please help me.

Scared Angel
Hi Scared Angel, what i thought when i first began to read this. You need to tell someone about this because your step dad is hurting you and needs to be punished big time. Ive never been in this situation before but from I have heard this damages both people. I encourage you to tell your mom, dad ,teacher somebody needs to know. Im glad you told us but You gotta tell your dad, the longer you wait the more your step dad has control over you and he could be doing this to other kids as well. This is abuse sexual abuse. If you cant tell your parent you can call the National Sexual Abuse Hotline and talk with someone about it is free and confidential. I encourage you to call this number and i hope and pray that you get through this situation. Im here and a email away or please email me if you need further help or you and praying :0
bballmypassion <3

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