Monday, April 16, 2012

Unsure Angel

Dear Advice Angel,

  I'm 12 years old, 13 May 25, and I'm completely miserable! I never see my friends anymore(including my best friend) because we no longer have classes together. I also don't get to talk to them on the phone either. I used to be teased for my weight but not so much anymore since I'm loosing weight. My mom's always at work and doesn't get home until 2 in the morning! My parents also just got a divorce. My mom and I are supposed to be getting a new house with her boyfriend this summer(closing date on my birthday). I'll never get to talk to my friends! On top of that, whenever i try to explain my feelings to my mom, she never listens. I don't know what to do. I never leave the house unless I'm going to school or somewhere with my relatives. I feel like i have no life. My mom thinks I'm trying to grow up to fast because i like MGK & Trey and want to go to their concerts. She also thinks im trying to grow up to fast because instead of always asking her for her credit cards to order things of trey & mgk's offline, i want my own debit card. I'm really just trying to enjoy myself as a kid but I don't know how.


Unsure Angel

Dear Unsure Angel,

 I have been in your shoes before feeling miserable at that age and feeling like I don't have a life. I realized my parents were just looking out for me at that age because, they didn't want me growing up so fast at the age of 12 and getting myself in trouble. They didn't want me getting pregnant, doing drugs, etc...... As far as asking her for her credit cards to buy things from Trey or MGK, she has the right to say yes or no. You don't need your own credit card or debit card at this age. If you want your own money, ask your mom if you can get an allowance once a week if you do chores. Whatever you want from offline, save the money and see if your mom can get you a gift card from the grocery store and put on it to buy that item you want from offline. Now, the friends issue, I think your mom is scared of the people you may hang with at school or even outside in your neighborhood. Explain to your mom about how you have been feeling about not having friends and try to suggest if she can meet the parents and see if your friends can come over to the house. If you have an other questions, you can ask me. I will answer it the best way I can.


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