Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wish I Were Deaf Angel

Dear Advice Angel,
My boyfriend is in a band and he really loves it. In fact, he is one of the only guys I know that loves Trey Songz for his drive and determination. You can't imagine how much that turns me on, but there is one problem, my bf SUCKS as a singer! Omg Angel he sounds like a drowning bird trying to sing. As Angels, we all know how much Trey,s high notes SLAY, but whenever my bf tries to imitate I cringe! He is thinking of singing SABTL in the upcoming talent show but I dont want him to because I dont want him to embarrass himself. What should I do???
Wish I Were Deaf Angel

Dear Wish I Were Deaf Angel,

Lol. When I got this question, I laughed to myself because, I understand what you mean. My bf thinks he can sing too, but I tell him all the time that he can't sing. Lol. But, he never listen's to me. Since your his gf, be honest with him and tell him that he cannot sing. Don't say it in a mean or rude way. Say it in a nice way. If he get's mad, then one day when you catch him singing, record him and then show it to him. He probably will then realize how much he can't sing. Then suggest to him to do something else in the talent show. If he can't think of something else to do in the talent show, try and ask him what he likes to do. Whether it's dancing, playing an instrument, etc.... If you need any other advice, feel free to ask me anything. I will answer it the best way I can.


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