Monday, April 9, 2012

To Chunky Angel

Dear Advice Angel,

I want to try out for the cheerleading squad in August, but i'm nervous about my weight. I went to tryouts last year, but they didn't go so well. I have been trying everything to lose weight, but nothing is working. I know that I would be a great cheerleader, but I'm nervous the girls won't pick me again because of my weight. Help me!!

Chunky Angel
Dear Chunky Angel,
I have felt like you before and I was trying out for basketball but in order to get over my weight
I ate healthier and excersized alil bit everyday. It sounds to me alil fun and excersize will help you ;)..I often blast alil Trey Songz or Beyonce and dance around the house..Dancing helps you lose weight or i go outside and walk. Drinking water and eating healthier meals will help as well. Don't be to subconscious about your weight and I know you will make the squad.. Go Team Go!!!!..So when you do make the team please make sure you tell me and keep me posted...:)<3 Im here for you
bballmypassion <3

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