Wednesday, April 11, 2012

to shy angel

Dear Advice Angel,
I am completely in love with this guy in my physics class. He is perfect from head to toe. He always makes good grades, his wardrobe is amazing, and he keeps the class laughing. He is respectful and he has an amazing smile. The problem is he isn't the most attractive guy in the world. In fact, he really isn't that cute at all, but there is something about him that makes me crazy. We are really good friends and I guess I'm scared to tell him how I feel. He doesn't have a girlfriend because all the girls in my class seem to stay away from him. I confided in one of my friends that I'm kinda feeling him and she told me if I talked to him it would be the worst mistake of my life because he is so ugly. I don't want my friends to laugh at me but I really like this guy. I don't even know if he likes me. Please tell me what to do.
Shy Angel

Hey Shy Angel,
I know what you are going  through. Sometimes its not always about appearance with a guy its about the emotional connect you have with him. Let your friends talk the decision is ultimately yours to  make. So if you feelin him Girl go Head and tell him how you feel and trust me it wont be the biggest mistake of your life, it will be the Best choice you ever made :)....You never know he could be waiting on you to tell him anyway..SOOOOOO tell him and then tell me how it goes..Im here for u angel and will support you.:) You will always have me as a friend to help...Angel Love<3....Hope this helps you
bballmypassion <3

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