Tuesday, April 10, 2012

To: Offended Angel

Dear Advice Angel,
I have been dating a nice guy for about 3 weeks. I like him a lot and he is very nice and fine. he does his thang in othr places too, but his breath is horrible! I sometimes give him a piece of gum whenever I eat a piece just because I can't stand him trying to kiss me with that stank breath. I want to tell him, but I lke having a boyfriend and making my single friends mad. I don't want him to leave me or get mad at me. What can I do? Is there a sutle way for me to tell him that his breath offends me?

Offended Angel

Dear Offended Angel,

Well you are in a relationship and the MOST IMPORTANT thing in a relationship is honestly. I mean just tell him how you feel it's not good to go on like nothing is bothering you it's best to be real and tell him how it is. If he can't respect that then that's his choice but I'm sure you would want someone to tell you what they feel in a relationship it's not a good enough reason to break up with you if he does then its pity and he's not worth you time or love. It's best to hear it from his girl then some random person on the street who could hurt his feelings. Be real is the key if he can't appreciate that then that's his lost. You can always come back if you anymore questions you can always come back. 


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