Thursday, April 12, 2012

To: Uncomfortable Angel

Dear Advice Angel,
I need help. About 6 months ago I met this really nice guy. We hit it off and I really like him a lot. It didn't take long for the relationship to turn physical and let me tell you he is the shit in every sense of the word. He is trying for an intership this summer so for the past month he has been very distant. I mean don't get me wrong I hope he gets it, but damn you can't put it on a girl the way he did and then just back off. WTF! Last weekend I went to a party with some of my friends because I got tired of waiting on a call from him. I drank way more than I should have and had casual sex with a guy I didn't know. I can't remember if we used protection or not because I was so out of it, but now I have a strange smell and discharge coming from down there. I just got a text from my bf saying that he wanted to take me out this weekend and that he was sorry for ignoring me. Like I said, its been a month since our last romp so I knwo he wants to get it in. I am freaking the fuck out because I have no idea what to do or what it could be. I'm scared as hell to tell my mom and my sister would kill me. I don't know where to turn Angel, give me some advice.
Uncomfortable Angel

Dear Uncomfortable Angel,

First and foremost you should really go to the doctor before you EVEN think about having relations with your current boyfriend again. I know you scared as hell, so would I but I mean you gotta look out for yourself here hun just make sure nothing is wrong there. Take as many tests there is pregnancy std, etc I'm not trying to scare you just trying to look out for you angel. When you get the results you have to tell your boyfriend what happen don't keep it in cause it will only have matters worse trust me I been there and done that ( me personally getting cheated on )  the whole cheating thing isn't something you wanna hear but I rather hear it from the person's mouth then someone else. Tell him he felt like he was putting you on the back burner you felt alone and all you wanted was his attention that he was being distant and you couldn't understand why he was doing it. If he gets mad and needs a few days to think about the situation where you cheated give it to him let him cool off. After a week ask if he wants to talk, and let him know you still want to be with him he means something to you, and you want this relationship to last. Don't be scare if you have anymore questions we are here to help you, I really hope this works out for the best angel. 


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