Thursday, April 19, 2012

To Confused Angel

Dear Advice Angel,
I have been with the same guy for about a year now and we get along well. He is a bit more reserved than I am but its all good. I went to his family reunion three weeks ago and I met one of his cousins. He was hella cute and we ended up laughing and talking half the time I was there. My boyfriend thinks its great that I am getting along with his family, but he doesn't know that his cousin and I have been texting each other nonstop since we met. I even ended a date early with my bf so that I could go catch a movie with the cousin. I like the cousin so much but I dont want to hurt my bf. What should I do?
Confused Angel

Dear Confused Angel,
Im glad you came here for help. I really think you should talk to your BF about your feelings.It seems as though you have lost interest in your current relationship and are ready to move on. You may not want to hear this but maybe you should break up with your BF and just be friends because the situation could get worse if you and the cousin get serious..Does the cousin know you have a Bf? if not you need to let him know that way you dont end up hurt in the end. Communication makes everything else easier. ;) I hope everything works out for you, keep me posted if you need more help ur more than welcome to come back.


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