Sunday, June 10, 2012

To: Embarrassed Angel

Dear Advice Angel,
My boyfriend is like...blah to me right now! His hair is a mess, his clothes awful, and the shoes...don't get me started. I have tried to tell him that his looks have got to change because I consider myself a fashionista and my friends are clowing the sh*t out of me whenever they see him. He is really embarrassing me and I'm close to breaking up with him, but I love him and he is a great guy. From one funky dressed Angel to another...HELP ME!!!
Embarrassed Angel

Dear Embarrassed Angel,

I can understand the issue you're going through. I have HAD a few issues in the past with boyfriends. If I learned one thing, it's that guys are stubborn, and that they don't like to change much. However, there are ways to help him become convinced that a style change is beneficial to both him and you. It's key to start off slow. Maybe take him to the mall and give him some suggestions. Say something like, "Hey babe, I saw something at this store that would look hot on you." Or you could say, "Baby, how bout you check this haircut out. It frames your sexy face better." That way, not only will you help him become a better dresser, you're also stroking his ego (something that guys LOVE). The object of this is not to change him, but to highlight the great things your man already has. It's all about confidence and pride. He has it within him. Now, it's up to you to help him bring that to the surface. Good luck!

Snapping in Z formation for you!
XOXO, Triumphant Angel

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