Friday, June 8, 2012

Flabby Angel

Dear Advice Angel,
I am completely in love with my boyfriend. We have been together for 4 years and things are great, but sometimes he talks about my weight. He sometimes calls me names and tells me that I need to lose, but he never tries to help. He isn't the skinniest guy himself and whenever I suggest him trying to diet with me he gets offended. I cannot do this by myself Angel. I know that I need to lose weight, but damn I need some help. What should I do?
Flabby Angel

Dear Flabby Angel

Why don't you try to ask your friends to help you out. They may help you to lose the weight since your boyfriend does not want to help. Show him that you are able to lose weight without his help. If your friends won't help you out, try and tell your boyfriend that it would be best if they both try to lose weight for both of you guys health and to try and go on a diet with you also. If you need any other advice let me know. 


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